League of Wonderland [Android]

Hier könnt ihr euch über alle SEGA-Spiele austauschen, die seit 2001 für fremde Plattformen erschienen.
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League of Wonderland [Android]

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ist wohl Ende September an mir vorbeigegangen. :D Ein neues Echtzeit Strategie mit einem Hauch von Tower Defense, Comic Style und vielleicht ein bisschen pay2win... Soweit habe ich aber nicht gezockt. Erstmal nur installiert und reingeschnuppert.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .low&gl=DE


'2 minute 1-on-1 battles in real-time!

Characters from well-known fairy tales, history and myths come to life.
Make a customized deck of 8 cards. Use Heroes to destroy your opponent’s Towers within 2 minutes.
Victory by destroying 2 towers first!

Will you attack, defend or sacrifice your units?
Think fast, that’s the only way to victory!

Experience 2 minute battles like never before,
with intensely fast-paced and strategic battles right from the start!

Draw your way to victory with the Draw Shot!
This is a skill that you draw to activate. Effects vary from piercing and area attacks to buffs and debuffs.
When and where to use them, that’s all up to you!

Play to your audience!
Use the Viewer to watch other players battle in real-time!
Bet on the winner and claim your reward!

Do you know what happens to famous and beloved characters from fairy tales, history, and mythology when their stories are over? Well actually, there’s a place they are drawn to. A place they can shine once more and partake in epic battles where the crowds go wild.

This place is called...
League of Wonderland

Lead these characters to victory, fight for glory and become the best in the League of Wonderland!



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